Last updated: May 23, 2018

Kremlin makeover exposes mediaeval mysteries

Beneath the drab flooring of a dismantled 1930s-era Kremlin administration building, archaeologists have found some of the best-preserved remains of mediaeval MoscowDescending into the basement of the 1930s-era Kremlin administration building is an eerie experience: the corridors are still lined with brown Soviet tiles and walls bear remnants of secret communication wires. Beneath the drab flooring, archaeologists have marked the layered strata: 12th century, 13th century, 14th century. Since 2014, when President Vladimir Putin ordered the dismantling of a massive Stalin-era building known as "The 14th Wing" inside the Kremlin walls, archaeologists have enjoyed unprecedented access to the premises, says Nikolai Makarov, director of Moscow's Institute of Archaeology.

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