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Putin puts in place not only USA, but also China

Putin’s Address to the Federal Assembly on March 1 came as a bombshell for the world. The speech that the Russian president delivered at Manezh Exhibition Hall just outside the Kremlin made everyone believe that Putin was presenting Russia’s new fantastic weapons to the United States. However, some assumed that Putin was not talking about the United States of America as Russia’s prime opponent.
Retired general of the Italian army, co-author of the book “Geoeconomics: Tools, Strategy and Tactics,” Carlo Jean, said that “Putin announced to the world that he reached nuclear parity with the United States again.” According to the general, Russia has been compelled to run the colossal modernization of its nuclear arsenal since the time of Obama’s presidency. The Russians started doing it in response to Obama’s initiative to modernize the enormous American arsenal contrary to the Nobel Peace Prize that was given to him for his promise to dismantle it, the Italian general told website. According to him, the US plan is worth about 1.2 trillion dollars and spans 30 years. Forty billion of the amount was invested in the project this year.
The significance of Putin’s speech is that he has reaffirmed the strength of his country, which he had raised from ruins.”We saw the Russian military power reviving in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in the Crimea,” the expert said. Putin’s call for an international dialogue concerns the Middle East, where Putin remains in a situation which he can not resolve.”
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