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Britain Accuses Ghana Lawmakers of Visa Fraud

Three members of Parliament and a former lawmaker are said to have abused their diplomatic privileges to help people travel to the United Kingdom. NYT > Africa

First malaria vaccine to be widely tested in Africa next year

The World Health Organization announced Monday that it has the go-ahead to try the first malaria vaccine in the field in real-world settings next year. The organization made the announcement

South Africa’s nuclear deals unlawful, court rules

A court annuls initial agreement reached with Russia, the US and South Korea to build nuclear plants. BBC News – Africa

Tanzania expels UNDP head Awa Dabo

The head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was given 24 hours to leave the country. BBC News – Africa

Pentagon Warns Ships as Pirates Again Prowl Waters Off Somalia

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who was visiting a nearby base in Djibouti, said that he was not yet calling on the Navy to respond but that civilian mariners must be

Tunisia’s Truth-Telling Renews a Revolution’s Promise, Painfully

The effort, wrenching as it is, may stand as the one bright spot in a region where the promise of the Arab Spring has been blunted in country after country.

Morocco’s $1.2 billion face-lift – RSS Channel – Regions – Africa

Africans wary of US travel after series of border denials

Nigeria is not on the list of countries affected by the US government’s temporary travel bans. But several Nigerian citizens claim to have been denied entry since they were introduced.

Algeria parties ordered to show female faces on posters

The authorities acted after some parties blanked out female faces on posters in a nod to conservatism. BBC News – Africa

Training African Armies to Fight Terrorism

In a program known as Flintlock, American and European special forces train armies from seven African countries over three weeks. NYT > Africa

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