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Kenyan voting system ‘won’t be ready’

The voting system cannot be installed in time for October’s election re-run, its maker says. BBC News – Africa

Egypt police ‘torture political detainees’

Egypt’s police and National Security officers are carrying out widespread and systematic torture of political prisoners, which probably amounts to a crime against humanity, rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Nelson Mandela: How a UK pop song helped free icon

The anti-apartheid message was serious and heartfelt, but the song that alerted many around the world to the injustices of the South African regime could not have been more upbeat.

40th anniversary of anti-apartheid leader’s murder

While Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, and Desmond Tutu are rightly venerated for their role in opposing and ending white minority rule in South Africa, another leader of the liberation years

Sub-Saharan African Migrants Face Old Enemy in Libya: Bigotry

For many African migrants trying to reach Europe, the way station of Libya can carry special peril if their skin is darker, a new report says. NYT > Africa

Egyptian archaeologists unveil unearthed ancient tomb in Luxor – RSS Channel – Regions – Africa

Egyptian Archaeologists Find Goldsmith’s 3,500-Year-Old Tomb

It belonged to a royal goldsmith who had lived in the desert province of Luxor, the authorities said. NYT > Africa

Even an Early Exit at the U.S. Junior Open Doesn’t Dampen a Burundian’s Trip

Sada Nahimana, 16, had to take to the road early to find worthy competition. After her visit to New York, she was struck by the shade provided by its buildings.

Student accidentally given $1M in financial aid, spends thousands

A university student in South Africa who discovered an erroneous deposit of $ 1 million in her financial aid account spent more than $ 60,000 of the fortune before authorities

Nigeria and South Africa emerge from recession

Two of the largest economies in Africa are growing again after recessions. – RSS Channel – Regions – Africa

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