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Sessions acknowledges missing FBI texts

AG Sessions acknowledges missing FBI texts involving agents who disparaged Trump           GANNETT Syndication Service

Government shutdown fizzles on spending, immigration deal in Congress

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Congress voted on Monday to end a three-day U.S. government shutdown, approving another short-term funding bill as Democrats accepted promises from Republicans for a broad debate later

U.S. senators strike deal to end government shutdown

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. senators struck a deal on Monday to lift a three-day government shutdown and try to end a fight between Democrats and President Donald Trump’s Republicans over

Jerusalem: US embassy to move by end of 2019 – Pence

Vice-President Mike Pence makes the announcement in a speech to the Israeli parliament. BBC News – US & Canada

Road Trip: Marfa Road Trip: Big Sky and Prada and Cowboys — Oh My!

When you escape your life at 45, as in a Thelma and Louise-level escape, you go on a road trip. The writer and her best friends of 25 years picked

Trump Campaign Uses Shutdown To Accuse Democrats Of Being Complicit In Murder

WASHINGTON ― It only took a government shutdown for President Donald Trump to return to his original campaign message: Undocumented immigrants are dangerous and out to get Americans. Yahoo News

Residents blame utility for wildfire that contributed to mudslides

Several residents of Santa Barbara County are suing a major California power company, saying it was responsible for a massive wildfire that stripped hillsides of vegetation that could have prevented

US shutdown: Senate in bid to end impasse

The US Senate will hold a rare Sunday session to try to break the impasse over federal funding. BBC News – US & Canada

First day of government shutdown ends in standoff

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers were locked in a standoff with Democrats on Saturday over the U.S. government shutdown, with Republicans saying they would not negotiate

Eric Trump Says Shutdown Is 'A Good Thing For Us'

.@EricTrump joined me over the phone from Mar-a-Lago ! Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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