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DEAL OR NO DEAL: House set to vote on health bill after Trump ultimatum

Which Republicans are opposing the Obamacare repeal bill?

The House Republican bill to repeal Obamacare hangs in a delicate balance as concerned GOP lawmakers publicly come out to express their opposition to the legislation. – RSS Channel

House won’t vote on health care Thursday

The House will not vote on the Republican health care bill Thursday, a GOP aide said, further putting efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare in jeopardy. – RSS Channel

‘REHAB’ REALITY ROW City sues star, claiming neglect of $2 house

Steve Bannon’s rise forces Breitbart News out of the shadows, and the basement

The bare-knuckled conservative news organization has moved its office out of the house where Bannon lived.           USATODAY – News Top Stories

London attack: 7 arrested after police raids

Police believe they know the identity of the attacker, but have not named him.           USATODAY – News Top Stories

Brazil Meat Scandal Is Called ‘a Punch in the Stomach’

Dozens of federal inspectors have been arrested and charged with accepting bribes to ignore the adulteration or expiration of processed foods and falsifying sanitary permits. NYT > Americas

‘All hands on deck’ for GOP as health care vote nears – RSS Channel – US

London terror attack: 4 dead, including attacker

Attack on Westminster Bridge and near Britain’s Parliamant.           USATODAY – News Top Stories

Exchange students say U.S. high schools easier and puzzle over all the sports

Do U.S. kids think sports are more important than math? Their foreign counterparts think so.           USATODAY – News Top Stories

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