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Trump appears to accidentally share Twitter dis

The Twitter user who called President Trump a fascist and frequently shares anti-Trump sentiment, joked Tuesday that the president “agrees with him.” Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

As neo-Nazis grow bolder, the 'antifa' has emerged to fight them

Deadly violence outside a rally in Virginia this past weekend has raised concerns about white supremacists, but also about their far-left opponents, the antifa. Yahoo News – Latest News &

Upcoming Total Eclipse Will Hit All of the U.S.

Next week's total eclipse, when the moon completely covers the sun, will be at least partially visible everywhere in the United States, but only last two minutes and 38 seconds.

South Korea’s Leader Bluntly Warns U.S. Against Striking North

President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday that unilateral military action over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program would be intolerable. NYT > Asia Pacific

College GOP groups condemn Charlottesville rally amid outcry over state leader’s attendance

Leaders of at least two universities and the national college Republicans organization are moving to denounce white supremacist views after a member of at least one campus GOP chapter appeared

White House pushes back against criticism of Trump’s Charlottesville response

After the president’s initial remarks about Saturday’s violence were criticized as too vague, the White House issued a follow-up Sunday. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Commonwealth Bank Chief to Quit Amid Money-Laundering Scandal

The Australian bank said its chief executive, Ian Narev, would resign next year, as the authorities accuse it of allowing deposits of tainted money. NYT > Asia Pacific

Analysis: Why won’t Trump condemn white nationalism?

Why doesn’t President Donald Trump just unequivocally condemn white supremacists?It is a jarring question to ask about an American president. But it is also one … Read more … The

Suharto Museum Celebrates a Dictator’s Life, Omitting the Dark Chapters

In his hometown, the Indonesian ruler is still largely revered. That’s also the approach taken by a museum established by his brother, which makes no mention of an era’s atrocities

Charlottesville Violence Highlights Worsening Race Relations in U.S.

Nearly three-quarters of American voters say that race relations in the United States are “bad”, worse now than in the 1990s after the O.J. Simpson verdict and the L.A. riots.

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