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At least 20 injured after gunfire erupts at New Jersey art festival

The gunfire rang out in Trenton, New Jersey, during an “Art All Night” festival meant to bring the community together. Police say one suspect is dead and another is in

Supreme Court Punts On Partisan Gerrymandering

The U.S. Supreme Court took a pass on setting limits on extreme partisan Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Art festival on verge of being shut down when shots rang out

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A 24-hour arts and music festival in New Jersey was on the verge of being shut down because of numerous fights when gunfire erupted, authorities said.

Kids’ lack of sleep linked to higher odds of heart disease, health risks, study warns

A study in the journal Pediatrics links lack of sleep to higher odds for heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. It found that less than a third of kids

As Water Runs Low, an Indian Town Blames the Men Who Work the Pipes

The “key men” of Shimla, who control the water flow to each neighborhood, were subjected to so much wrath during a drought that they were given police protection. NYT >

Thai King Now Owns Monarchy Assets. He’ll Have to Pay Taxes on Them.

It was not clear which assets were involved in a transfer by the agency that managed them, but assets under its remit have included real estate, and bank and commercial

10 things to know before visiting Macau

It’s been six years — 2007, if you’re into counting numbers — since the once sleepy fishing port of Macau surpassed Las Vegas as the world leader in gambling revenue.

The end of America’s leaderless foreign policy

Attempts to steer the U.S. through global affairs by ignoring President Donald Trump have failed. Read more … The Japan Times: News & Business

US President expected to approve serious escalation of tensions between world’s two largest economies – RSS Channel – Regions – Asia

In the Philippines, Dynamite Fishing Decimates Entire Ocean Food Chains

Stopping dynamite and other illegal fishing has taken on a new urgency in the Philippines, where the practice is taking a toll on populations of fish and the corals where

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