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Japan wins gold in women’s team pursuit skating

Japanese speed skaters have won gold in the women’s team pursuit event at the PyeongChang Olympics. (NHK) News On Japan

Pro-Brexit Tory MPs set out demands in letter to Theresa May

Tory group urges clean break with the EU – Labour says the PM is too “weak” to stand up to them. BBC News – Europe

Nigeria’s Boko Haram crisis: More than 100 missing after school attack

Boko Haram attacked the school in Nigeria on Monday, with many schoolgirls still unaccounted for. BBC News – Africa

Women caught smuggling gold from South Korea concealed in their rectums

Seven South Korean women attempted to smuggle gold into Japan late last month by concealing it in their rectums, officials from Aichi Prefecture’s Chubu Airport said Tuesday. (Japan Times) News

Dozens of Russian casualties in Syria battle, Russian ministry says

Russia confirms “several dozen” Russians were killed or wounded in a recent battle in Syria. BBC News – Europe

Mozambique rubbish dump collapse ‘kills at least 17′ people

The dump is home to some of Mozambique’s poorest people, who earn their living reselling rubbish. BBC News – Africa

Floridians Tell Politicians Who Do The NRA’s Bidding Their Time Is Up

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. ― Something powerful is happening in Florida. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Media, Democrats Have Created 'More Chaos' Than Russians, Says White House Spokesman

.@hogangidley45: “There are two groups that have created chaos more than the Russians and that’s the Democrats and the mainstream media.” Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

How woman convicted in fiance's kayak death looks to rebuild her life: Part 6

In her first interview since release, Graswald talks about the kayak incident and her future. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Shogi prodigy Fujii wins first tourney title

Teen shogi star Sota Fujii has clinched his first title in an official tournament. (NHK) News On Japan

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