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San Francisco couple gets back stolen car 4 months and 11K miles later

A San Francisco couple’s stolen car was recovered last week with Lyft stickers and 11,000 additional miles racked up, The San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday. FOX News

Fed raises rates, boosts 2018 forecast for economic growth

The move is expected to ripple across the economy, nudging up rates, most noticeably for credit cards,           GANNETT Syndication Service

Counties to watch as Alabama votes for U.S. senator

The lengthy campaign between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones is reaching its end.           GANNETT Syndication Service

The Second Coming, brought to you by — who else? Donald Trump

In recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Donald Trump excited evangelical Christians and many orthodox Jews, who see it as laying the groundwork to rebuild the Holy Temple and a precursor

Strong winds, snow forecast for Sea of Japan coast

Severe weather conditions are expected to continue in northern and western Japan through Wednesday. (NHK) News On Japan

New snowfall expected to hit Northeast, Midwest, following weekend storm

Localized snow accumulations of up to a foot are expected from Monday to Wednesday in parts of the Northeast.           GANNETT Syndication Service

Sudan women in trousers: No indecency charges

The 24 women had attended a party raided by morality police near the capital, Khartoum. BBC News – Africa

Two Dead In Gaza During Anti-Israel 'Day Of Rage'

Israeli police took additional precautions Friday in anticipation of heightened protests as “day of rage” demonstrations continued across the Middle East and southeast Asia. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Egypt uncovers ancient tombs at Luxor

A mummy dating back about 3,500 years is among items discovered in the two tombs. BBC News – Africa

Sandusky’s son sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of girls

One of Jerry Sandusky’s sons is headed to prison after pleading guilty to pressuring a teenage girl to send him naked photos and asking her teen sister to perform a

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