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Teenagers to find out A-level results

A drop in university applications is likely to mean a “buyer’s market” with more options available. BBC News – Home

Homeless ‘Hero’ of Manchester Attack Is Accused of Stealing From Victims

Chris Parker, who rushed to help victims after an attack that killed 22 people in Manchester in May, was charged with two counts of theft. NYT > Europe

Libyans ‘threatened’ Med migrant aid boat Golf Azzurro

One of the last rescue groups working off Libya considers whether to carry on over security risks. BBC News – Europe

UK seeks interim Brexit deal to avert trade chaos – RSS Channel – Regions – Europe

Britain Offers Plan to Avoid Immediate ‘Brexit’ Trade Chaos

The plan, dismissed by an E.U. official as “fantasy,” would keep the country in a customs union with Europe for two years after Brexit. NYT > Europe

What is the UK’s customs union plan?

Reality Check examines the key parts of the government’s paper on its future relationship with the customs union. BBC News – Home

How presidents should speak about racist violence: Lessons from history

Critics are rightly castigating President Trump for issuing a series of vague, opaque statements in the wake of white supremacist-fueled violence that rocked Charlottesville, Va., this weekend. As a candidate

N Korea leader ‘briefed’ on Guam plan but opts to wait

Kim Jong-un reviews plans for firing at Guam, but opts to watch the US before acting, state media say. BBC News – Home

Girl Is Killed When Driver Slams Into Pizzeria Near Paris

An attack at a restaurant in a Paris suburb was the work of a man believed to be under the influence of drugs, the authorities say. NYT > Europe

Trump condemns ‘evil racism’ in Charlottesville

The US president speaks out against far-right groups after the killing of a protester in Virginia. BBC News – Home

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