Last updated: August 24, 2017

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Saudi Arabia moves to indict some ‘radical’ Twitter users

Saudi Arabia has said it will indict a group of “radical” Twitter users charged with “harming the public order,” according to a statement on its state news agency website on

Video: Saudi police detain 14-year-old boy for dancing in the street

He was filmed dancing to the 1990 hit “Macarena” KT Mobile

Zul Hijjah moon sighted, Eid Al Adha on September 1

Wednesday is the first of Zul Hijjah KT Mobile

2 women force compatriot into flesh trade in Abu Dhabi

The told her they had secured a housemaid job for her. Original published: 2017-08-22 17:15:58 Read the full Dubai News here link: 2 women force compatriot into flesh trade in

Fadwa Suleiman, Actress and Voice of Syrian Opposition in Exile, Dies at 47

Ms. Suleiman, who fled to France, defied gender and sectarian stereotypes to protest the regime’s repression and propaganda about the civil war. NYT > Middle East

Pentagon Hopes to Declassify Hidden Threat in Mosul: ‘Dud’ U.S. Bombs

With the Islamic State leaving behind thickets of booby traps and improvised explosive devices, the Pentagon seeks to help clear its own remnants of war. NYT > Middle East

The millennials are resetting the flavour of F&B

It means opportunities to those who can offer up an experience along with the cuisine Business RSS feed

VLOG ✩ WELCOME TO DUBAI !!!!! – Dubai Video

published: 2017-08-20 17:31:19 DUBAI J’ARRIVE !!!! ♡ N’OUBLIEZ PAS DE VOUS ABONNER ET D’ACTIVER LES NOTIFICATION MES DOLLS !!! ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ ✩Instagram : ✩ Snapchat : LLYAA92 ✩ Heyy mes

Iraqi Forces Start Offensive to Retake Tal Afar From ISIS

Tal Afar is one of the last big cities in Iraq still under control of extremists. NYT > Middle East

The Webb Ellis Cup completes visit to Dubai as part of Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour – Dubai Picture

The Webb Ellis Cup has completed its journey around Dubai as part of the Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour. The first day of the visit saw pupils from Rashid School

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