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No rule of law for Abe and the LDP

Regarding “Opposition lawmakers find at least 117 errors in botched labor survey” in the Feb. 23 edition, in recent years stem cell research was disgraced … Read more … The

US President, still planning summit, reassures and warns Kim

President Donald Trump on Thursday said US and North Korean officials are continuing to prepare for a scheduled diplomatic summit next month, even as Pyongyang threatened in recent days to

Trump to Meet Uzbek President, and Press for Human Rights

Aides say Wednesday’s meeting is an effort to launch a new era of partnership with Uzbekistan, a country that is making its first fitful turns away from authoritarianism. NYT >

Excess, Hubris and the Fall of Najib Razak, Malaysia’s ‘Man of Steal’

Even after years of scandal, the prime minister’s aides predicted an easy victory on election eve. But they were unable to contain the anger over corruption. NYT > Asia Pacific

Relief for victims of eugenics law

The government should follow Germany and Sweden’s lead and provide official compensation to people who were sterilized under the nation’s Eugenic Protection Law. Read more … The Japan Times: News

Amid the devastation left by ISIS, Iraqis vote, hoping for a better future

While Americans have been looking the other way, Iraqis are preparing to vote for Parliament, even in devastated areas like Mosul. In an optimistic sign for democracy, for the first

Suspicious man reported in area where Niigata girl was slain

A suspicious man in black clothes was repeatedly seen near the site where a 7-year-old girl was found dead Monday in Niigata, local officials said Saturday. (Japan Times) News On

Woman Calls Police On Black Family For BBQing At A Lake In Oakland

A white woman called the police on a black family at Lake Merritt in Oakland, Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

New NRA President Oliver North Suggests All Iranians Are Liars

The National Rifle Association's new president, Oliver North — a man who, Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Mitch McConnell Mocks Blankenship On Twitter With A Big Cloud Of Cocaine

"Cocaine Mitch" had the last laugh. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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