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Oil Tanker Fire in Pakistan Leaves More Than 140 Dead

At least 50 were also seriously injured after people rushed to the overturned tanker to collect leaking fuel and it caught fire, officials said. NYT > Asia Pacific

Japan begins running public service announcements on missile attacks

The government began broadcasting a public service announcement Friday suggesting how civilians should protect themselves in the event of a missile attack. (Japan Times) News On Japan

Tim Kaine: U.S. strikes on Syrian forces ‘completely illegal’

Sen. Tim Kaine sharply condemned U.S. strikes on Syrian regime forces as “completely illegal.” He says President Trump needs a new AUMF. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Brussels station attacker identified as Moroccan from Molenbeek enclave with drug record

Belgian authorities Wednesday identified a Moroccan man behind a foiled nail bomb assault on a busy Brussels train station, the latest in a wave of … Read more … The

Fiery indictment of U.K. inequality

The tragedy at Grenfell Tower, the worst such disaster in British history, demands a reassessment of the attention given to the poorest and most vulnerable … Read more … The

Japan Says Deadly Ship Collision Happened Earlier Than Reported

Japan’s Coast Guard is now investigating an inaccuracy in the timeline of the crash, in which seven United States sailors were killed. NYT > Asia Pacific

140 characters in search of an editor: The tweets that will haunt Donald Trump

Most of the 35,000 tweets Donald Trump has sent over the last eight years are forgettable. But a few may come back to haunt him as he finds himself in

7 US crew missing in collision off Japan

Seven crew members of a US Aegis destroyer are reportedly missing and 2 are injured following a collision with a Philippine merchant vessel off Izu Peninsula, in central Japan, early

Gillespie to face Northam after mixed verdict for anti-Trump forces in Virginia’s gubernatorial primary

The Democratic Party’s enthusiasm to repudiate President Trump was clearly demonstrated by the record number of voters who helped nominate Ralph Northam Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Last-minute conspiracy bill vote roils Diet

The opposition camp mounted a last-minute effort to stop the contentious conspiracy bill Wednesday by submitting a series of motions against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s … Read more … The

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