Last updated: January 17, 2018

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Twitter Locks Trump Ally David Clarke’s Account Over ‘Taste Their Blood’ Media Threat

David Clarke, the Trump-supporting former Milwaukee County sheriff, was temporarily barred from posting on Twitter this week after complaints about tweets encouraging violence against the media. Yahoo News – Latest

NFL Network exec deletes Twitter account after exchanges with porn stars, escorts exposed

An NFL Network exec has deleted his Twitter account after multiple exchanges between him and adult film stars were revealed. FOX News

Memoirs of an Emperor: Hirohito’s Account of World War II Sells for $275,000

The memoirs include the emperor’s account of the attack on Pearl Harbor and Japan’s surrender. NYT > Asia Pacific

Twitter employee ‘deactivated’ Trump account on last day

The social media giant says a staffer on their last day took the account offline for 11 minutes. BBC News – US & Canada

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