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The Americans detained in Turkey

The diplomatic row between Turkey and the United States unfolded rapidly over less than a week — Turkey arrested a US consular staff member, Washington responded by freezing most of

How Americans Overlooked the Russia Hack

Rachel Maddow revisits how the Donald Trump "grabbing" tape, the release of hacked Clinton campaign e-mails, and the arrival of a major hurricane, obscured the U.S. government's announcement that Russia

In Indiana, Trump promises 'revolutionary change' to tax code so Americans can 'start winning again'

Trump presented a roadmap for a tax plan he wants Congress to pass before the end of the year.           GANNETT Syndication Service

A Lot Of Americans Don't Know That Puerto Ricans Are Americans, Too

Maria “will essentially devastate most of the island,” Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said earlier this week. “After Irma, the people of Puerto Rico stood up and helped others,” he said, according

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