Last updated: February 24, 2018

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Ukraine welcomes NATO’s Tomahawk missiles with open arms

Ukraine is working hard to build a US Navy base in the city of Odessa. US warships call at the port of Odessa once in every three months PravdaReport –

North Korea Won’t Stop Its Arms Tests Anytime Soon, South Warns

Government and private analysts expect the North to bolster its nuclear and long-range missile capabilities in 2018 to gain leverage with Washington. NYT > Asia Pacific

In U.N. Showdown, Russian Veto Kills Syria Chemical Arms Panel

It was the 10th time Russia had used its veto power to protect the Syrian government in the nearly seven-year-old war. NYT > Middle East

E.U. Ministers Approve Venezuela Arms Embargo

As the foreign ministers seek to pressure President Nicolás Maduro to restore democracy, his government holds a brief meeting with its creditors. NYT > Americas

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