Last updated: June 20, 2018

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North and South Korea Set Bold Goals: A Final Peace and No Nuclear Arms

Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Moon Jae-in of the South agreed to work to formally end the Korean War and rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons. NYT > Home

Zuckerberg: Facebook is in ‘arms race’ with Russia

Mark Zuckerberg tells US Congress his firm is struggling to get ahead of Russian manipulation. BBC News – US & Canada

Canada Struggles as It Opens Its Arms to Victims of ISIS

A special refugee program mostly for Yazidis, a tiny religious minority, is testing Canada’s celebrated resettlement system. NYT > Americas

Russia and USA start new arms race in space to down satellites

Russia and the United States are entering the arms race of a new type – the technological arms race. The new race will focus on a warfare in outer space,

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