Last updated: November 21, 2017

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Roy Moore’s Base Is Sticking With Him, Attacking Those Who Attack Him

WASHINGTON ― Even as Roy Moore’s campaign for Senate in Alabama has been rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct against him, many of the candidate’s most fervent supporters aren’t ready

'We'll See,' Donald Trump Says On Attacking North Korea Following Latest Nuclear Test

WASHINGTON ― Hours after North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, President Donald Trump on Sunday said the military option against Pyongyang remains on the table. Yahoo

Trump Tweets Video Physically Attacking News Network

Hugh Hewitt, Kasie Hunt, Eugene Robinson and Katty Kay join the MTP Panel after the president posted a video in which an avatar for CNN is beat up at a

Full Reed Interview: Attacking Assad Requires Congressional Approval

Ranking Democratic Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee Sen. Jack Reed (R.I.) joined Chuck Todd to talk about the recent shifts in the White House's position on China and

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