Last updated: August 20, 2017

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Trump pushes debunked ‘pig’s blood’ myth, hours after Barcelona attack

He referred to a hoax story about the execution of Muslim militants, shortly after an attack in Spain. BBC News – US & Canada

On Cloth Scraps, Syrian Names Are Immortalized in Rust and Blood

Strips of material that a former prisoner smuggled from Syria are now being lent to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for an exhibition in Washington. NYT > Middle East

Mother comes home to find child covered in blood and saying she was sexually abused

A North Carolina woman has told authorities she returned home from work recently to find her seven-year-old daughter covered in blood, claiming to have been sexually assaulted. The girl told

A stranger emailed me a warning about blood clots. Days later, my friend died from one

Know the signs before you fall victim to an undetected blood clot.           USATODAY – News Top Stories

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