Last updated: March 19, 2018

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Transgender Brazilians Embrace Hit Soap Opera: ‘Now You Can See Us’

“Edge of Desire,” watched nightly by some 50 million Brazilians, is shaping perceptions about gender identity in a nation where transgender people face stigmatization and violence. NYT > Americas

Their Government in Chaos, Brazilians Fear the Joke Is on Them

President Michel Temer has grown so unpopular that some in Brazil believe the coach of the national soccer team, or a clown named Grumpy, would be better choices. NYT >

Memo From Brazil: Interim President’s Poems Take Hold of Brazilians, but Not in a ‘Fiery Flames’ Way

Amid political turmoil, the poetry of Michel Temer has become a welcome source of amusement — and offers insight into the man now at the country’s helm. NYT > Americas

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