Last updated: March 25, 2017

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Trump’s budget rattles Meals on Wheels in Kansas, where the group vows to fight on

President Trump’s recent budget proposal, which yanks federal funding for Meals on Wheels, may feel like abstract accounting to some, but for senior citizens in Saline County, Kan., it could

Here’s the truth about Meals on Wheels in Trump’s budget

What Trump wants to cut is only a small part of the program’s funding source.           USATODAY – News Top Stories

Cuts to poverty programs are ‘as compassionate as you can get,’ Trump budget chief says

Mulvaney took questions at the daily press briefing about the administration’s budget proposals, which call for deep cuts to virtually all federal programs except the military, homeland security and the Veterans Administration.

Canadians Fear Trump’s Budget Will Devastate Great Lakes

The mayor of a city in Ontario was blunt: “What good is it having lower taxes when you can’t drink the water?” NYT > Americas

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