Last updated: December 12, 2017

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The Halifax Explosion and Au Revoir to Hi: The Canada Letter

This week’s Canada Letter looks at a film about the deaf community in Halifax when the city was hit by a massive explosion a century ago NYT > Americas

Trudeau Steps Up on Trade for Canada, as America Under Trump Pulls Back

Partly as insurance against Nafta’s collapse and perhaps a way to show Washington it has options, Canada is chasing after other free trade deals. NYT > Americas

Canada Offers $85 Million to Victims of Its ‘Gay Purge,’ As Trudeau Apologizes

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized for Canada’s discrimination against gays and lesbians who were forced out of the military and public service. NYT > Americas

Ending NAFTA would hurt growth, competitiveness of United States, Canada: report

DETROIT (Reuters) – Terminating the North American Free Trade Agreement would harm the U.S. and Canadian economies and reduce their competitiveness versus Asia and Europe, a report issued by the

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