Last updated: February 20, 2018

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Cardinal Pell Makes Statement Following Announcement of Charges

Cardinal George Pell spoke of his innocence and said he is looking forward to having his day in court after Australian authorities charged him with historical sexual offences. Yahoo News

Cardinal George Pell charged with sex offences

Australia’s most senior Catholic figure is accused of “historical” offences, police say. BBC News – Home

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns Dies at 95; Fought Torture in Brazil

The cardinal’s advocacy of human rights placed him in opposition to a military dictatorship; his leftist views put him at odds with the Vatican. NYT > Americas

Cardinal and Longtime Catholic Leader in Cuba to Step Down

Jaime Ortega y Alamino has been a savvy political operator who aided the Vatican’s secret efforts to broker détente between Washington and Havana. NYT > Americas

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