Last updated: June 18, 2018

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Psychedelic drugs may change the structure of brain cells

It’s no surprise that psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ecstasy alter brain function, leading to the drugs’ “trippy” effects  and possible hallucinations. FOX News

Focus Turns to North Korea Sleeper Cells as Possible Culprits in Cyberattack

Since the 1980s, North Korea has been known to train cadres of digital soldiers to engage in electronic warfare. Now this force is under scrutiny. NYT > Asia Pacific

Dutch Get Creative to Solve a Prison Problem: Too Many Empty Cells

In a nation where about a third of cells sit empty, the Netherlands has rented some to other governments, and it has turned some jails into refugee shelters. NYT >

MORE TERROR CELLS FEARED Belgian authorities warn of more active extremist groups despite raids

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