Last updated: July 24, 2017

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Illinois man charged with Chinese scholar kidnapping pleads not guilty

An Illinois man charged with kidnapping a female Chinese scholar who has been missing for more than a month pleaded not guilty during an appearance in a U.S. court on

Reporter’s Notebook: Dodging Chinese Police in Kashgar, a Silk Road Oasis Town

On a final reporting trip, The Times’s Beijing bureau chief returned to a city on China’s western edge, home to a mostly Sunni Muslim population. NYT > Asia Pacific

AMC Tries to Steer Clear of Chinese Owner’s Debt Worries

Shares in the American cinema chain had fallen on fears that the huge loans accumulated by its parent, Dalian Wanda, were under scrutiny by the authorities. NYT > Asia Pacific

Even in death, the Chinese government continues to fear Liu Xiaobo

The global outpouring of grief and anguish over Liu Xiaobo’s death stands in marked contrast to the muted reaction within his homeland. – RSS Channel – Regions – Asia

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