Last updated: June 29, 2017

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After Bringing Cholera to Haiti, U.N. Can’t Raise Money to Fight It

A fund created by the United Nations to help Haiti combat cholera, a disease introduced by peacekeepers in 2010, has little money. It is supposed to have $ 400 million.

U.N. Plans to Pay Victims of Cholera Outbreak It Caused in Haiti

A proposed $ 400 million aid package comes two months after the United Nations acknowledged that it helped spread the deadly disease in the impoverished nation. NYT > Americas

Cholera Deepens Haiti’s Misery After Hurricane

The disease is stalking the areas gutted by Hurricane Matthew on a remote stretch of the country’s southern peninsula. NYT > Americas

U.N. Leader Urges Member States to Fund Haiti’s Cholera Recovery

Days after acknowledging its role in Haiti’s deadly cholera outbreak, the United Nations is weighing who will pay for the infrastructure necessary to end the epidemic. NYT > Americas

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