Last updated: April 28, 2017

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Security Council Diplomats to Have Lunch With Trump

Halibut, cheese soufflé and pineapple brioche pudding are on the menu for the president’s meeting with an eclectic mix of America’s friends, rivals and skeptics. NYT > Americas

Steve Bannon loses National Security Council seat

President Trump’s senior strategist Steve Bannon loses his place on the US National Security Council. BBC News – US & Canada

‘Lack of money’ prompts care firms to end council contracts

Care companies say the amount local authorities pay is not enough to cover wages and other costs. BBC News – Home

Putin critic will handle Russia for Trump’s National Security Council

A former intelligence official who has warned that the West dangerously underestimates Russian President Vladimir Putin will manage Europe and Russia on President Trump’s National Security Council (NSC), a White

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