Last updated: April 21, 2018

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Mexico Moves to Regulate Government Ads. Critics Say It’s a Sham.

Heavy government spending on advertising has long been criticized for fostering flattering coverage of officials and quieting critics. Will a court order change the practice, or institutionalize it? NYT >

Justice Department's School Safety Plan Puts Black, Brown Students In Danger, Critics Say

Federal funds will flow to local jurisdictions that want to put more cops in schools under a new plan announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday. As part of

China silences critics of move to make Xi president for life

The day China’s ruling Communist Party unveiled a proposal to allow President Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely as Mao Zedong did a generation ago, Ma Bo was so shaken he

White House immigration proposal has critics on the left and the right

Democrats called the proposal a Trojan horse, with the DACA fix carrying a slew of anti-immigrant measures, while Breitbart referred to the president as "Amnesty Don." Yahoo News – Latest

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