Last updated: December 18, 2017

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Arctic Drilling Would (At Best) Recoup 0.075 Percent Of The Debt From GOP Tax Plan

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration and Republican lawmakers have touted the economic benefits, an estimated $ 1.1 billion in federal revenues by 2027, that they say would come from opening

Council tax debt: Concern over use of bailiffs

A charity is “deeply troubled” that bailiffs are collecting unpaid council tax and parking fines. BBC News – Business

Venezuelan Debt Crisis Widens, With Power Company in Default

The utility failed to make a payment within the grace period, and similar deadlines loom on securities issued by the government and state enterprises. NYT > Americas

GOP Doesn’t Seem To Hate Debt So Much Now That It Wants A Tax Cut

WASHINGTON ― The late 1970s, the mid-1990s and the period from 2009 through last November have two things in common. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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