Last updated: October 20, 2017

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They’re Building a Trump-Centric Movement. But Don’t Call It Trumpism.

A group of renegade thinkers is attempting what many fellow conservatives have said is impossible: making the intellectual case for the ultimate anti-intellectual. NYT > Home Page

‘I don’t recall’: Jeff Sessions doesn’t remember much about last year at Senate hearing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a hard time remembering whether or not he met with any Russian officials during Donald Trump's presidential campaign last year. Yahoo News – Latest News

Sen. Wyden to Sessions: Your comments don’t ‘pass the smell test’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Sen. Ron Wyden exchanged a series of barbs during Sessions’ Tuesday testimony before the Senate intelligence committee. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Reality Winner’s lawyer says don’t focus on her anti-Trump tweets

“We can talk about them all day long on television,” Titus Nichols said Tuesday. “When it comes to the actual trial … that’s going to be a different matter.” Yahoo

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