Last updated: April 25, 2017

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20,000 Convictions Dropped After Massive Drug Lab Scandal

Prosecutors in seven Massachusetts districts agreed to throw out an estimated 95% of drug convictions that came from drug tests that were falsified by chemist Annie Dookhan. Yahoo News –

Kennedy: Medicinal marijuana is a ‘Trojan horse’ for the recreational drug industry

While the nation remains divided on whether recreational marijuana should be legalized, an exclusive new Yahoo News/Marist Poll finds that 83 percent of American adults — even 81 percent of

Dr. Mark Wainberg, Who Identified a Key AIDS Drug, Dies at 71

As a microbiologist, he found that the drug Lamivudine was effective against H.I.V., and he later became a global champion of AIDS treatment and awareness. NYT > Americas

Drug companies ask court to block Arkansas execution

(Reuters) – Two pharmaceuticals companies asked a federal court to block Arkansas from using their drugs for upcoming executions, claiming that doing so would violate contractual controls and create a

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