Last updated: May 25, 2017

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Pro-E.U. Britons Weigh Tactical Voting as a Way to Be Heard in the Elections

With the governing Conservatives on course for a big win in June and the main opposition also in favor of “Brexit,” campaigners are urging voters to cross party lines. NYT

France: Macron eyes legislative elections

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron will start getting his house in order Monday after a landslide victory that handed him the reins to the world’s sixth-largest economy. – RSS Channel

French elections: Voters decide between Macron and Le Pen

After bitter contest that exposed national divides, French voters choose their next president. BBC News – Europe

As French Elections Nears, So Does a Step Into the Unknown

In a deeply divided country, some ask whether either Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen will have enough authority to actually govern. NYT > Home Page

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