Last updated: June 19, 2018

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Matter: Hints of Human Evolution in Chimpanzees That Endure a Savanna’s Heat

The apes of Senegal’s Fongoli savanna may offer hints to how our own ancestors moved out of the woodlands, shed their fur and started walking upright. NYT > Africa

Puerto Ricans endure 3 months without power

It has been three months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and many residents still do not have power. CNN’s Leyla Santiago reports. – RSS Channel – US

Marked for ‘De-escalation,’ Syrian Towns Endure Surge of Attacks

An accord that tried to curb attacks in rebel-held areas has been touted as a crucial step in ending the long civil war. But increasingly, that deal is failing. NYT

Ibtihaj Muhammad’s impact will endure

The first American to compete wearing a hijab, Muhammad didn't make it as far as she'd like. But her message was lasting. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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