Last updated: March 29, 2017

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Hillary Clinton on GOP health bill breakdown: ‘The fight isn’t over yet’

Hillary Clinton praised the efforts of “people in every corner of our country” and then posted tweets about people who have benefited from the ACA. Yahoo News – Latest News

China to Plant ‘Green Necklace’ of Trees Around Beijing to Fight Smog

Chinese officials want to plant more trees in Hebei Province, which surrounds Beijing, to clear the air in a region filled with factories. NYT > Asia Pacific

Pelosi on health care fight: ‘Next 48 hours will be all hands on deck’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday whom she considers the current leader of the Democratic Party. “Well, President Obama was the president

After Bringing Cholera to Haiti, U.N. Can’t Raise Money to Fight It

A fund created by the United Nations to help Haiti combat cholera, a disease introduced by peacekeepers in 2010, has little money. It is supposed to have $ 400 million.

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