Last updated: May 21, 2018

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Commonwealth Games: It’s not rare for athletes to go missing

Over the years, many athletes have used sporting events as the chance to start a new life elsewhere. BBC News – Africa

Commonwealth Games: Ex-Mauritius official charged with sexual assault

Australian police charge the former chief of the Mauritius team with sexual assault of an athlete at the Commonwealth Games. BBC News – Africa

Commonwealth Games: Weightlifting showboats, strops and timeouts from day two in Australia

Uganda weightlifter Hakim Ssmepereza has to sprint to the stage after almost missing his timeslot for a lift during the men’s 69kg competition. BBC News – Africa

Russian spy: Sergei Lavrov accuses West of ‘children’s games’

The foreign minister hits out at diplomatic expulsions, accusing the UK over the Skripal attack. BBC News – Europe

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