Last updated: May 25, 2018

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Mass Graves Suggest Systematic Killing Of Rohingya In Myanmar

A new report discloses at least five previously unreported mass graves in Myanmar, adding further evidence of the systematic killing of Rohingya Muslim civilians by the country’s military. Yahoo News

German war graves found at construction site in Estonia

The site in the capital, Tallinn, is believed to be part of a military cemetery from World War Two. BBC News – Europe

Graves Fill an Afghan Mosque’s Garden After a Terrorist Attack

The death toll of an Islamic State attack on a Shiite mosque in Kabul rose to at least 40, and some of the victims were buried in the mosque’s garden.

‘I’m a Civilian. I’m Innocent’: Who’s in Congo’s Mass Graves?

Soldiers are guarding grave sites that could expose a massacre by the security forces, and a population is caught between warring sides. NYT > Africa

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