Last updated: May 24, 2018

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is three times the size of France and growing, study finds

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – an enormous swatch of trillions of pieces of plastic and trash floating somewhere between California and Hawaii – is already three times the size

Donald Trump Hails Andrew McCabe's Firing As 'A Great Day For Democracy'

President Donald Trump wrote a celebratory tweet hours after former FBI deputy Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Halifax Journal: Century After Halifax’s Great Explosion, City Marks Anniversary

The 1917 blast after a collision between a French munitions ship and a Norwegian vessel killed about 2,000 people and leveled part of the Canadian city. NYT > Americas

Pope devotes Mass to poor, calls indifference a ‘great sin’

Celebrating Mass with poor people, Pope Francis is denouncing “indifference” as a great sin. FOX News

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