Last updated: June 18, 2018

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Trump’s Charm and Threats May Not Be Working on China. Here’s Why.

President Trump threatened tariffs on $ 150 billion in goods, then tried conciliation. Beijing’s response either way: Rebuff the offers and avoid specific pledges. NYT > Home Page

Chinese Investors Keep Losing Billions Online. Here’s Why.

The country’s latest $ 5 billion flameout shows how smartphones and the rise of online finance lure unsophisticated investors hoping for high returns. NYT > Asia Pacific

Here’s how you’ll be affected by the GOP tax bill

With the tax bill on the verge of passing in Congress, experts say Americans need to sit down with their tax professionals and find out what steps to take before

The G.O.P. Tax Plan Can Be Confusing. Here’s Help Deciphering It.

You don’t need to be an expert in tax policy to get caught up on what the far-reaching proposal could mean. NYT > Home Page

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