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Mexico City Journal: After Lives on the Streets, Mexican Women Find a Haven for Healing

Casa Xochiquetzal is a shelter in Mexico City for retired, or semiretired, prostitutes, a place where they can escape from the dangers and indignities of life on the streets. NYT

London Journal: Renewal or Gentrification? London Borough Grapples With a Revamp

Tottenham, a diverse but deprived neighborhood, is undergoing a radical transformation. Officials insist it’s in need of renewal. Residents aren’t so sure. NYT > Europe

Barcelona Journal: Catalonia’s New Conflict Echoes in the Halls of an Old Prison

Long before the current battle over secession, Catalonia played a central role in Spanish political strife. The cells of the Modelo prison tell that story of conflict. NYT > Europe

Halifax Journal: Century After Halifax’s Great Explosion, City Marks Anniversary

The 1917 blast after a collision between a French munitions ship and a Norwegian vessel killed about 2,000 people and leveled part of the Canadian city. NYT > Americas

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