Last updated: May 27, 2018

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US Department of Justice to probe Trump campaign ‘infiltration’

The Department of Justice will investigate whether the FBI spied on Donald Trump’s election campaign. BBC News – US & Canada

Sally Yates warns of Trump 'tearing down the legitimacy' of the Justice Department

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates said she had something to get off her chest about President Trump at the 2018 Ideas Conference hosted by the Center for American Progress

In Peru, Justice in Sexual Assault Cases Called a ‘Lost Cause’

Victims of sexual assault in Peru say they are made to feel guilty for reporting the crimes, and even when an attack is caught on camera, a conviction is no

From Janitor to Chief Justice: Could Joaquim Barbosa be Brazil’s Next President?

Brazil’s first black Supreme Court justice, a newcomer to politics, has emerged as a central figure in a race he has yet to formally join. NYT > Americas

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