Last updated: March 21, 2018

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There’s a Persistent Hum in This Canadian City, and No One Knows Why

Residents affected by the “Windsor Hum” complain of sleeplessness, depression and headaches. It is one of many mysterious sounds reported throughout the world. NYT > Americas

Former general says he knows how powerful North Korea's military is

I.-B. Chun is one of the most distinguished officers in South Korea’s military history.           GANNETT Syndication Service

Your brain knows when you’ve just died, researchers say

Researchers from New York’s NYU Langone School of Medicine said in an interview that people are aware that they died, and might be able to hear a doctor announcing their

Banning Bump Stocks Is A Mostly Meaningless Gesture, And The NRA Knows It

WASHINGTON — A gunman slaughtered 58 people and wounded hundreds more in Las Vegas last week, but the ensuing policy debate has so far focused almost entirely around pieces of

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