Last updated: June 25, 2017

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North Korea fires apparent Scud-type missile that lands in Japan’s exclusive economic zone

North Korea on Monday fired an apparent short-range missile that is believed to have fallen into Japan’s exclusive economic zone — a move that prompted … Read more … The

Plane carrying 45 people crash lands in Sudan

It was not clear if the rest of the passengers were alive or dead KT Mobile

Osborne lands job at investment giant

Former chancellor George Osborne is hired to advise the world’s largest fund manager, BlackRock. BBC News – Business

Incumbent lands fourth term as Tochigi governor, beats JCP-backed foe of nuke waste plan

Incumbent Tomikazu Fukuda secured a fourth term as governor of Tochigi Prefecture in an election Sunday, defeating a newcomer supported by the Japanese Communist Party. Fukuda, 63, backed by Komeito…

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