Last updated: June 26, 2017

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Oil Tanker Fire in Pakistan Leaves More Than 140 Dead

At least 50 were also seriously injured after people rushed to the overturned tanker to collect leaking fuel and it caught fire, officials said. NYT > Asia Pacific

Pres. Trump’s New Cuba Policy Leaves Cuban Businesses Scrambling

American tourists have come in droves since Pres. Obama normalized U.S.-Cuba ties and have been a boon to the Cuban tourism industry. Some Cuban entrepreneurs told NBC News they fear

Utah suburb shooting leaves woman, child, male suspect dead

SANDY, Utah (AP) — A man opened fire on a woman and children inside a car in the street of a Salt Lake City suburb Tuesday afternoon, leaving the woman,

AC setting for Cool Biz leaves officialdom hot under the collar

The thermostat setting of 28 degrees recommended by the Cool Biz energy-saving campaign is stirring controversy among top government officials, but the environment minister remains steadfast despite… Read more …

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