Last updated: May 27, 2018

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Keeping Bohemian as Real Estate Prices Soar: The Canada Letter

The Times’s Team Canada gets another member, the pressures on a historic neighborhood and buildings that change cities. NYT > Americas

Cheezies, Dill Pickle Chips and Cuban Lunches: The Canada Letter

“If we deep fry them and add cheese, it will be delicious.” In this week’s Canada Letter, a look at uniquely Canadian junk food and snack brands. NYT > Americas

‘Saskatoon Likes Me’: The Canada Letter

The New York Times around-the-world traveler stopped in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this week, offered travel tips and spoke about her experiences. NYT > Americas

Trump Dictated 'Astonishingly Excellent' Health Letter: Bornstein

Anna Schecter talks about new reporting on Donald Trump's former doctor, Harold Bornstein, who now says Donald Trump dictated his own health letter and that men representing Trump forcibly took

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