Last updated: March 22, 2018

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Life in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Six months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, CNN’s Leyla Santiago visits Puerto Rico to find widespread destruction, despair and more than 100,000 residents still without power. – RSS

How to survive climate change: A lesson from Hurricane Maria

On 20 September 2017, Category 4 Hurricane Maria cut like a buzz-saw across the island of Puerto Rico. – RSS Channel – US

Power and plantains are back — for some — six months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico

I hear coquis, the tiny frogs that sing like birds at night, as the sun drops behind the mountains. – RSS Channel – US

'This city has been ignored': Yabucoa, ground zero for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, still reeling

Six months later, about two-thirds of the city of Yabucoa remains without power; local officials had to supply 19 of their own generators to keep water running.          

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