Last updated: March 25, 2017

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Trump’s budget rattles Meals on Wheels in Kansas, where the group vows to fight on

President Trump’s recent budget proposal, which yanks federal funding for Meals on Wheels, may feel like abstract accounting to some, but for senior citizens in Saline County, Kan., it could

Here’s the truth about Meals on Wheels in Trump’s budget

What Trump wants to cut is only a small part of the program’s funding source.           USATODAY – News Top Stories

Waitrose rebrands ‘British’ meals which use New Zealand lamb

Waitrose acknowledges “confusion” after meals in its “British” range were found to use New Zealand lamb. BBC News – Business

Rio de Janeiro Journal: Celebrity Chefs Turn Wasted Olympics Food Into Meals for Homeless

With donated ingredients and some of the world’s top chefs, Refettorio Gastromotiva has become a feel-good counterpoint to the commercialization of the Games. NYT > Americas

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