Last updated: March 24, 2018

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Spies, Not Diplomats, Take Lead Role in Planning Trump’s North Korea Meeting

The C.I.A.’s emergence as the primary player speaks to the influence of Mike Pompeo, the agency’s director, who has been nominated to replace Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson. NYT

Trump signals trust in North Korea after agreeing to meeting

The president told reporters that he believed the meeting would be “very successful” and that North Korea would keep a promise to put their nuclear tests on hold ahead of

Will Trump be ready for North Korea meeting? U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson fears he won't

Richardson has deep experience negotiating with the North Koreans. Here's his take on the planned meeting between President Trump and Kim Jung Un.           GANNETT Syndication Service

North Korea Experts Stunned Yet Cautiously Optimistic About Trump-Kim Meeting

North Korea policy analysts reacted with a mixture of cautious optimism and outright disbelief after South Korean officials announced Thursday that U.S. President Donald Trump would meet with North Korean dictator

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