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Frugal Traveler: Escaping Mexico City’s Hustle Within City Limits

The quiet neighborhood of Coyoacán captures the capital’s understated cultural soul and, in many ways, is a getaway within Mexico City itself. NYT > Americas

Mexico Moves to Regulate Government Ads. Critics Say It’s a Sham.

Heavy government spending on advertising has long been criticized for fostering flattering coverage of officials and quieting critics. Will a court order change the practice, or institutionalize it? NYT >

Inside the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico to U.S. border

Roughly six hundred migrants, many from Honduras, have been traveling for hundreds of miles in hopes of reaching the United States. President Trump cited the group in his decision to

Texas sends 250 National Guard troops to Mexico border

(Reuters) – The Texas National Guard has begun deploying troops to help secure the state’s southern border with Mexico as President Donald Trump has been unable to get the U.S.

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