Last updated: September 24, 2017

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Russia flaunts military might

Russia’s full naval might was on display Sunday as the country celebrated its annual Navy Day in multiple time zones, with parades and demonstrations held in all four corners of

China Shows Off Military Might, and Xi Jinping Puts Rivals on Notice

In a week that began with a purge and culminated in a parade of troops, China’s president opened a public campaign to deepen his grip on power in a coming

Congressman: Healthcare Might Not Be in Trump's 'wheelhouse'

Representative Charlie Dent, R-PA, speaks about Republicans attempts to pass Healthcare legislation and he believes that the work should be from the center out. Yahoo News – Latest News &

White House Pushes Military Might Over Humanitarian Aid in Africa

African and American military leaders are uneasy that shifting to a military-heavy presence on the continent could hurt America’s long-term interests. NYT > Africa

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