Last updated: March 22, 2018

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Pro-Syrian regime forces building up near US troops in Syria

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS has observed pro-Syrian regime forces once again conducting a slow build-up east of the Euphrates River near where US troops are present advising local allies,

Explosion at FedEx facility near San Antonio likely linked to serial bomber, feds say

Four explosions in Austin this month have killed two people and wounded four.           GANNETT Syndication Service

Near Noisy Oil Fields, Lovesick Birds Change Their Tunes

“Hey, hey, sexy, hey, I’m Bob, a Savannah sparrow.” Birds near oil fields tweak their mating calls in complex ways that researchers are only starting to grasp. NYT > Americas

Piece of metal found near Narita airport probed as potential plane part

A 1-kg metal part found on a mountain near Narita airport is raising suspicions it’s part of a plane that flew over the area. (Japan Times) News On Japan

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