Last updated: June 20, 2018

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In the Philippines, Dynamite Fishing Decimates Entire Ocean Food Chains

Stopping dynamite and other illegal fishing has taken on a new urgency in the Philippines, where the practice is taking a toll on populations of fish and the corals where

‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’ a disaster zone

Socotra, one of the most biologically unique places on Earth, is hit by a powerful cyclone. BBC News – Middle East

Ocean, jungle explosions new risks from Hawaii eruption

HONOLULU (Reuters) – Lava from Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano is exploding as it pours into the ocean, shooting rock fragments that are a danger to boaters. Inland, where molten rock

Even The Bottom Of The World's Deepest Ocean Trench Is Not Safe From Plastic Bags

Almost 36,000 feet underwater, near the very bottom of the world's deepest Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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