Last updated: April 28, 2017

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Congo Officials Make Arrests in Deaths of 2 U.N. Investigators

Two people were held in connection with the murders last month of officials sent to investigate a rebellion, although one suspect subsequently escaped. NYT > Africa

Wildlife officials confiscate ‘kidnapped’ fawn in Arizona

The fawn will be placed in an Arizona zoo once it is deemed healthy enough to be transported, but Game and Fish officials say many animals t…          

Paris Tourism Has Recovered From 2015 Attacks, Officials Say

Tourism fell after assaults in January and November 2015, but statistics suggest France will maintain its status as the world’s most-visited country. NYT > Europe

8 Indians Rescued From Somali Pirates, Officials Say

The eight had been taken hostage two days earlier during a clash between Somali forces and the pirates. NYT > Africa

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