Last updated: December 18, 2017

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Transgender Brazilians Embrace Hit Soap Opera: ‘Now You Can See Us’

“Edge of Desire,” watched nightly by some 50 million Brazilians, is shaping perceptions about gender identity in a nation where transgender people face stigmatization and violence. NYT > Americas

Rome Journal: Putting ‘Don Giovanni’ on a Truck, and Returning Opera to Its Roots

Putting into practice the notion that culture is a right, OperaCamion is bringing operas, like Mozart’s “Don Giovanni,” to Rome’s grittier neighborhoods. NYT > Europe

Paris Journal: With Acrobats and Cake, a Paris Opera Celebrates Its Rebirth

The newly renovated Opéra Comique draws on opera’s rich history of innovation — and circus acrobats — in an effort to appeal to modern Parisians. NYT > Europe

Canada Today: Ice in Many Forms, the Past as Opera and Real Estate

Warming temperatures and changing weather patterns are endangering Canada’s ice roads, and that’s threatening life and livelihood in the north. NYT > Americas

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