Last updated: November 21, 2017

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Labor ministry to extend job program to social recluses and NEETs in early 40s

The government has decided to expand the scope of its job support program for socially withdrawn people, which is limited to those 39 or younger, … Read more … The

A Broke, and Broken, Flood Insurance Program

Now, an unusual coalition of insurers, environmentalists and fiscal conservatives is seeking major changes in the federal plan as a deadline approaches. NYT > Home Page

U.S. ‘diversity visa’ program in spotlight after New York attack

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A visa program aimed at diversifying the U.S. immigrant population came under attack from President Donald Trump on Wednesday after he learned that the man accused of

Trump ends ‘Dreamer’ immigration program, places onus on Congress

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Tuesday scrapped an Obama-era program that protects from deportation immigrants brought illegally into the United States as children, delaying implementation until March and

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