Last updated: October 18, 2017

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AG Jeff Sessions issues broad guidelines to protect religious objections to public policy

New guidance promises to protect religious practice to the “greatest extent practicable” in conflicts with other laws.           GANNETT Syndication Service

Public Health: How the Failure of Obamacare Repeal Affects Consumers

People with Medicaid and employer plans need not worry about big policy changes. But the individual insurance market will be marked by high prices and limited choices next year. NYT

Commission supports nuclear power for Japan’s energy needs despite shift in public opinion

Japan’s nuclear policy-setting Atomic Energy Commission called Thursday for nuclear power to remain a key component of the country’s energy supply despite broad public support … Read more … The

Grenfell Tower fire: First public inquiry hearing to open

Evidence about the immediate causes of the blaze will be heard, with a report expected next year. BBC News – Home

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